3 Secrets To Celebrating Mother's Day When Your Mom Is Not Present

Mom Friend… Mother’s Day is a time for celebrating moms and mom figures all across the world for the role they play in our lives and all the hard work they do. But what do you do if you’ve lost your mom due to a tragic death or illness?

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When I was nine years old my mom died of a disease called Lupus. It left me feeling lost, abandoned and hurt all at the same time. Before she passed, we had a very loving relationship. She would pick me up from school, have play dates with me, do my hair, and we would cook together all of the time. But when she fell ill, I had to go live with my Godmother and her husband who cared for me while my mom was in the hospital. One day my mom called me from the hospital to check on me and the next couple of weeks, I was told that she had died. I was devastated. No visit or anything. Since then, Mother’s Day haven’t been the same for me.

If you’ve lost your mom like I did, you probably view Mother’s Day differently.

You probably feel hurt, lonely and somewhat jealous that others get to celebrate their moms and you don’t. Whether you’ve lost her a long time ago, or just recently the hurt is all the same. I want to help you celebrate Mother’s Day with joy and peace in your heart just like your Mom would want you to.

Here are the same three secrets I’ve used for years to help me celebrate Mother’s Day even with my mom not being present…

Spend A Moment Alone-

When you spend time alone and nurture yourself it creates a stillness and quietness in your soul. The best love that you can receive is the love of God and yourself so that you can properly know how to deal with your feelings of grief. As others honor you on Mother’s Day, you can honor her because without her, there wouldn’t be no you OR them.

Remember Mother’s Day Is Just A Day-

This is super important to remember. As women, wives and moms we get too wrapped up in man made holidays. Enjoy being a mother every day, celebrate your mom and what she contributed to your life everyday, not only on the day that was set aside to celebrate mothers.

Find Her In Yourself And/Or Your Children-

Even though I was quite young when my mom passed, I still remember bits and pieces about her. I also have pictures that allow me to see her features. I love to look for features and characteristics that remind me of her in myself or my girls. Like I have her smile and her teeth, two of my daughters have the texture of her hair. These things remind me of her and gives me joy that she still lives on through us.

I hope these secrets encouraged you just as much as it encourages me daily.

Happy Mother’s Day and remember you are special, you are unique and most importantly you are loved.

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Cheers To Healthier Mom Friends In 2019!