3 Ways To Eat Healthy And Not Hate The Taste

Mom Friend… This question comes up for me all of the time… “How do I make simple, healthy meals that actually taste good”? So I got to thinking and realized that most moms with careers don’t know how to make delicious meals that are nourishing and quick at the same time.

girl eating healthy.png

Before I became a Health & Wellness Coach, I labeled myself as the “Drive Thru Queen”.

And while that’s nothing to brag about, I went through the drive-thru simply because healthy meals took too long and they didn’t taste good. It wasn’t until after I enrolled in nutrition school and I started experimenting with different foods and ingredients did I realize that this thing called “nourishing eating” wasn’t so bad after all. And as time went on things got REALLY tasty.

If you’re just starting to make healthier meals or you’ve been at it for a while, it can seem frustrating and overwhelming if you don’t know how. Sometimes (or in my case all of the time) it will just make you order a pizza and throw in the towel.

But HOLD YOUR HORSES Mom Friend don’t order that pizza just yet... Things are about to get a lil easier for you.

“Healthy Eating Does not have to be long, drawn out & tasteless”

Here are three simple ways you can make your next meal not only healthy but tasty too…

Choose A Recipe That You Like-

By choosing a recipe that you like it eliminates the things you don’t like and refuse to eat. Healthy eating and living is about eating the things we like and doing the things that makes us most happy. If it doesn’t taste good to you, don’t eat it. Period. Choose a recipe or meal that you will be excited and look forward to eating.

Substitute With Healthy Ingredients-

By using healthier ingredients you can nourish your body AND your taste buds at the same time. Now that’s a win-win! If you love eating chocolate cake… well then, BY GOSH make a chocolate cake! All you have to do is use a different ingredient such as instead of sugar add a natural sweetener like agave or maybe add a veggie to the cake like zucchini and make a chocolate zucchini cake. Experiment and try new ingredients and spices that will give you excitement.

Think Of It As Nourishing Eating-

I’ve noticed when my clients say “healthy eating” everyone frowns. Let’s Change your mindset. From now on, think of it as nourishing eating. We eat to nourish and fuel our bodies. If you prepare food from a place of nourishment and love, healthy eating will no longer give you a frown.

That wasn’t so bad was it? Now that you know nourishing eating doesn’t have to taste bad, let’s do it more!

If you need more help with making simple, meals that are nourishing click the link below to schedule a Healthy Mom Assessment Call with me. We’ve got bodies to nourish.


Cheers To Making Eating Nourishing Meals In 2019!