5 Ways To Balance Life While Being A Career Mom

Being a mom with a career means juggling lots of responsibilities. But how do you juggle everything at once? How do you work and still have time for yourself, family and others and still maintain your sanity? How are all of your balls not getting dropped? These are questions I get asked all of the time.

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Before I became a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, I was a busy, single mom with one daughter and a business with 15 employees who were just like my children too. This business was my baby. I fed it, kept it and nurtured it just like I did my own daughter. But I can tell ya, it wasn’t easy juggling all of those balls. In fact, most of them fell. It wasn’t until six years later when I went to nutrition school, got married and had more kiddos did I learn to FULLY juggle the balls of life.

If you’re like me, your juggling life, self care, the hubby, relationships, work, healthy eating, the kiddos, appointments and the list goes on and on. Sometimes the role called “Mom” can be a hard one and you start to question why you even wanted to go down this road in the first place.

There’s hope! YES, you can have a fulfilling career and still be that mom, wife and a good woman to yourself all at the same time.

I want to share with you how I balance working mom life and still keep my sanity…

Be Fully Present-

There’s no such thing as balance when you are a mom with a career.

You can give too much attention to work and neglect the kiddos, or give too much attention to the kiddos and drop the ball at work or with hubby or yourself. Either way, something is going to get neglected. But what you can do is be fully present with WHATEVER task you are doing. If you’re spending time with the kiddos, give them your undivided attention, if you are with the hubby, be fully present, If you are at work, be fully present. Whatever you are doing… BE. FULLY.PRESENT.

Make Self-Care A Priority-

If you are not taking care of yourself first, there is no way you can take care of others. Period.

Pour into yourself daily so you can pour into them. I always tell my clients, “You are being a bad mom if you do anything to jeopardize your health”… mentally, physically or spiritually. This will then cause you to be away from your children and there is no way you can take care of them if you are not present.

Give Yourself Grace-

We are often hard on ourselves too often more than not.

If you mess up, it’s ok. You are aloud to goof up. Motherhood comes with no instructions but what is does come with is love and instincts. God gave you the job of motherhood because he knew you were right for the position. Stop being so hard on yourself. You are doing an AWESOME job.

Nourish Your Body With Healthy Foods-

Come On Now! You know I can’t write this blog and not talk about healthy foods! I wouldn’t be doing my job completely if I didn’t.

Eat the foods that nourish and align with your body and not just your taste buds.

That’s what I say and I’m sticking to it. There’s no way you can serve as a mother, wife or ceo properly if your body is not fueled with the energy it needs to go through your day. At the minimum you need to be eating a dark-leafy green daily.

Release Toxins-

Toxins are substances that can be poisonous to your body or cause negative health effects. This could be from the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the clothes you wear and even the people you come in contact with regularly. One way that your body eliminates toxins is through your skin (sweat). So I don’t care if you dance, take a fitness class, jog, run, walk, play tennis, basketball, hot yoga, go to the gym, have sex, a sauna, etc. Whatever you choose to do make sure that you are doing it on a DAILY basis.

Now that you have these balancing tactics… I would love for you to apply them and put them into works. Know and understand that mommin’ is hard and however you rock it, know that you rock it good!

If you need more help with balancing a healthier lifestyle click the link below to schedule a Healthy Mom Assessment Call with me. We’ve got bodies and lives to nourish!


Cheers To Balancing Career Mom Life In A Healthier Way In 2019!