3 Healthy Gift Ideas Under $50

Ladies, Let's face it...finding just the right gift can be a little tough. Especially at the last minute.😉 There's the friend who says she has everything, the Hubby who says he wants nothing, and the in-laws who always return your presents anyway. Well, I'm here to help! I did a little research and boy, could I have chosen a lot more than 3, but here are 3 healthy gifts that won't break the bank & you would probably want to splurge a little on yourself as well😊.


1.  4 Piece Wok Set- 11106016557242p Everyone needs a Wok in their life! You can steam, smoke & stir fry in your Wok & so much more. I love to stir-frye veggies and a little shrimp and there is a entire meal for your family. Enjoy deliciously stir-fried food from this durable 4-Piece Nonstick Steel Wok Set.  What makes this Wok so special is it's stainless steel and it's under $50!


2. Dessert Bullet- 31332341884652p

Desserts are the best, especially when you are trying to stay healthy. With this Dessert Bullet, you can use all types of fruits and turn them into wonderful yogurts, ice creams & shakes.The Dessert Bullet turns simple frozen fruits into delicious frosty treats without the extra sugar, fat, chemicals, or calories of traditional frozen desserts - all in just 10 seconds or less. Of course it's under $50 so this is something you can get your best friend who says she has everything.


3.  Veggie Steamer- 28271018203987p A Veggie Steamer is a must-have in the kitchen. This one is wonderful because it's cute!  Steam vegetables, seafood, dumplings and more for a healthy and easy way to prepare yourfavorite foods. It's simple to use, you just slide it into one of your pots place the veggies in & get to steaming.


These are the three items that I personally researched for you, I hope at least one of these makes it under one of your loved one's tree this year. If not, next year won't work, because I will have another list for you then. You can still splurge a little for yourself throughout the year though.😉

What items have you purchased or are going to purchase that's healthy for your loved ones?