4 Ways To Love Your Spouse Even When You Are Mad

Ok ladies, how many of us get mad at our spouse/mate and stay in our feelings for a while? I know I'm guilty!! Sometimes it's hard to look past being mad and to still love your spouse. This is perfectly normal in relationships. All relationships have arguments and it is fairly healthy to have them. What is not healthy is when you don't know how to love when you are angry which makes it harder for you to resolve your issues. Being in a relationship is like putting two blind people together and making them dance, someone's feet will get stepped on. No one is perfect, and taking two imperfect people to make one is hard, it takes work. With that being said, I put together 4 ways you can love your spouse even when you are mad.

  1. Instead of festering on what happened that was bad, take some alone time to think about the good. Think of some of the sweet things that your spouse has done in the past. That will automatically bring a smile to your face and remind you that he's not all that bad after all.
  2. Think back on why you fell in love with him to begin with. If you can just go back! Go back to the time you fell in love, or the time you went on your first date or what made you love him in the first place. This will allow you fall in love with him all over again.
  3. Own your part in the disagreement. If you played a part(9 out of 10 times you did) own your part, in your head first, then to him. You have now realized then verbalized your part in the disagreement, and this will allow you to see his point of view. Then you realize, maybe I was the one trippin.
  4. Know that he loves you. When you remember that he loves you, you start to get all warm and fuzzy inside. Remember, if he didn't love you, there would be no disagreement. Know that the person you are bickering with loves you deep down.


Smile girl, you are loved!!