5 Easy Steps To Reducing Your Drive- Through Pitt Stop Addiction

Now that Spring is here, our lives are getting much more hectic. With all of the activities that Spring has to bring. Whether it's the spring photos, spring cleaning, spring gardening, or even our kids spring sport activities, spring brings along busy days. Busy days lead to less cooking at home and more drive-through meals. As a busy mom these days, fast food are feeding our households. Well, at least mines it  does, and I'm sure other moms can relate. According to life and losing weight.com 1 in every 4 Americans will eat fast food today and more and more Americans are eating out on about 3 to 4 times each week. Wow! That's a lot of drive-through meals! There is a reason why these fast food places are so popular, because they are fulfilling a need, a need that saves a lot of time for those of us who call ourselves busy. This is also a need to allow other people to cook and prepare our meals for us because we don't want or have time to. I often have to be faced with driving home late afternoons after a busy day of work and activities for my daughter and smelling the captivating aroma of the food in the air, and hearing my daughter ask "Mom, can we go there? Please?" Man! How I desire to give into her because my flesh is so weak and I want it just as bad as she does. OK yeah, we still struggle with that sometimes. The problem is, we are thinking that these meals are quick and filling, when in reality they are harmful and killing us, because we indulge in them so often. According to American Diabetes Association everyday 200 children develop type 1 diabetes, that's 70,000 children per year! It is also a fact that type 1 diabetes is increasing fastest in our pre-school children at a rate of 5% per year. The key to leading happy, healthy, So7 lives is starting at home. Educating yourselves and educating your children as well. I'm not saying that eating drive-through meals are bad, and don't ever do it, or you will drop down dead at the very second you swallow your first bite. All I'm simply saying is let's learn how to do it in moderation. Here are 5 easy steps to reducing your drive-through Pitt stops:

  1. Analyze your house hold & identify & OWN the problem.
  2. Choose a specific day to go to the grocery store & stock up on those groceries( Preferably at the beginning of the week)
  3. Create a meal calendar, start off with 2 days in advance- then work your way up to 6 days. Place it on your refrigerator.
  4. Stick to your meal calendar! On each day of the week prepare those meals.  If you have to cut an activity 10 mins early or take food out of the freezer a day early SO BE IT! GET IT DONE!!
  5. Create a Cheat Day! Reward your self & your family for doing so well. Pick one day out of the week & have at it!!