5 Easy Ways To Transition Into Fall

Have you fully transitioned for into the new season? Fall is officially here and if you are like me, it’s hard to get used to the quick change. I mean, you know the new season is arriving but here in Texas, the weather is still Summer like. The leaves haven’t started falling and it’s still 95 degrees.

Even though it still feels like summer, the fact of the matter is it’s fall and it’s time for a shift. “What kind of shift”? You ask a mental shift, a physical shift, an emotional shift, and a spiritual shift. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.

As busy, working moms, it’s not easy to shift because our routines are the life of us. We love routines! Heck, I don’t even like to be out around my toddler’s bedtime because we are so set on a routine, it throws everything off.

Over the last two years, with being pregnant and getting through my first year, I’ve finally figured out how to completely shift for the new seasons and on my blog today I’m going to enlighten you. More Specifically, I’ll show you:

  • How To Refocus Mentally & Spiritually
  • How To Start Eating Seasonally
  • How To Fall Into Yourself
  • How To Decorate Into The New Season
  • How To Get Rid Of Summer

Let’s Fall Into It!


  1. Refocus Mentally & Spiritually-

Refocusing is a big part of shifting. The definition of Refocus is to make an image clear; or to cause something to be directed at something different. Start with a prayer. Start to thank God for the four seasons HE gave us in his plan, then ask him shower you with grace for your self and others as we plan to start anew. Take some time to either take a bath or just sit in a quiet space, with your favorite candle lit. Close your eyes. Focus on how you will feed yours, your hubbie’s and your kiddo’s soul this Fall. Start to integrate those thoughts with your actions and make them become one. Once you have prepared yourself spiritually, ground yourself. Start to slow down, as summer is a busy, on the go time of year. Make more plans at home. Write your summer memories in your journal and store it away. Join a yoga class, breath and relax, it’s only a new season.

2. Eat Seasonal Girl

 As the seasons change, so does our food. So, just eat seasonal girl! As we enter fall, the weather starts to get a little cooler. This is where we start wearing our cute boots; change our finger nail polish, and even our hairstyles, so why not change our food too? We prepare for the cooler weather outside, start to prepare on the inside as well. Our bodies need to properly prepare for the cooler weather so we should eat heavier foods like potatoes, squash, leafy greens, soups and root vegetables. Root vegetables really help us become rooted because they are grown in the ground and are great for transitioning over to fall.

3. Fall Into Yourself

 Fall is a common time for allergies to mess up and skin to get dry. So why not fall more into your self this new season? No!! Not sleeping in a little late, I mean really fall into you. Get a facial, a massage, a pedicure, take a yoga class or fitness class, get your hair done, take me time, whatever you need to do to fall into yourself Do It! I love to wake up super early in the morning when my whole house is asleep and take a yoga class, it’s a wonderful way to start your day, and I come back home refreshed feeling good. I also love to get facials, they are a great way to exfoliate and get rid of summer skin on your face. (Tan lotions, make-up, dead skin, etc.) Let’s not even talk about massages, I love, love, love massages. They are a great way to get the blood flowing, get rid of summer stress, and they make you want to melt. Find what works for you and get to it.

 4. Decorate Into The New Season

Ok, something you will learn about me is I Love to decorate. There is nothing like walking into a home that’s well decorated. (Yes, even with kids) You get this comfy, cozy feeling inside that makes you want to be there all day. For me, it’s therapeutic, it may not be for you but changing your home around for fall will certainly get you in the mood. You don’t have to be an interior designer to change your home around just start. However, if you feel like decorating isn’t for you, then hire one, whatever it takes for this shift to take place. Here’s your starting point. Go to your favorite home décor place and choose a pillow or a throw and build from around those patterns. Change your pillows on the sofa, your centerpiece on the coffee table, your fireplace mantle, and your front porch. Add candles and pieces that fit your personality. If you like things that sparkle, add them. If you like the rustic, antique look add those too. Soon you will have a fall inspired home.


5. Get Rid Of Summer

Since my youngest baby girl is named Summer, I don’t mean this literally. Sorry but not sorry. Since summer has moved on, so should you. One way you can totally get rid of summer is by cleansing and purification of your body. This is much needed with the change of the seasons. Summer foods are refreshing and tasty but they can also be heavy and last a long time. Especially when you travel, it’s so hard to get rid of “Vacation Eateries”. A great way to cleanse your body is Colon Hydrotherapy. It’s safe, natural, and can cleanse your body of excess waist that hasn’t been eliminated from your body. I know you’re thinking I’m nuts, but I am really serious. The main benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy are cleansing the body by removing waste and toxins from the colon and releasing pressure in the abdominal area. This is how the process works. Most facilities allow you to do the cleanse yourself using their equipment. It’s like a massage session except your therapist is not in the room. You insert a small tube in your colon, and purified water begins to flush your large intestines. Your stomach sort of swells then your body releases the water along with waist into the machine. This process continues for one hr. Yes, you are pooing for 1 hour. I love this method because it’s pill free and you feel wonderful afterwards. Did I mention your stomach goes down? Once your summer foods are completely gone you can now start eating fresh, whole nutritious food for the fall.


Which tip did you find most helpful to you?

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