5 Reasons Busy Moms Need A Healthy Kitchen (And what to do about it!)

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For most moms, the idea of making quick, healthy meals gets boring. It’s time consuming, and you don’t really know what ingredients to use, so you revert back to what you know. That baked chicken dinner. Blah!

Having a healthy kitchen is essential to having a healthy lifestyle. And even though you might be struggling with a healthy kitchen now, it it really is fun, easy, and simple. (I’m going to share a resource with you, below, to help you!)

Think about it: When you have a healthy kitchen, you stop the binge eating, you make healthier meal choices, and you don’t get bored with the same ole meals week after week.


5 Reasons Every Busy Mom Needs A Healthy Kitchen

1. Eating Will Be Interesting

Can you say BORRRING? Mama Bear Yes! Those days of coming home from work and trying to decide what’s for dinner are all too familiar. So you make that same baked chicken dish that you made last week. How about that spaghetti crockpot meal that you had the other day?

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. When you find and explore new foods, your healthy eating journey starts to become more interesting and fun. By adding colors, textures and even different seasonings, you definitely spruce up your meals. Having the right ingredients in your kitchen will ensure you do not get bored with your meals.

 (for some great recipe ideas click here)

2. It’s A Time Saver

Time gets away from ALL of us! Of course, time management is definitely the key to being a balanced and healthy busy, working mom. You simply don’t have the time to be staring at the refrigerator or pantry trying to figure out what you’re going to prepare, only to have to make a dreaded trip to the store. Your time is valuable and should be spent with the ones you love.

When you have a healthy kitchen, it certainly saves time and won’t negatively impact your decision-making. When all the right ingredients are in place, you no longer feel overwhelmed in the kitchen. Once you’ve reset your kitchen with healthy ingredients, and have brainstormed what you’re going to prepare, you can now go into your kitchen/pantry and Cook It Up girl!

(get my basic shopping list to help!)

3. More Home Cooked Meals

With healthy ingredients in your kitchen and pantry, you will have the desire to cook more. By preparing your meals at home, you KNOW what’s going into them. Most of all you can give your family the nutrients and vitamins they most need, not to mention the love that goes into the meals while you are preparing them.

(with the right tools you will be on your way!)

4. Sets An Example For Your Kiddos

As you know, our bodies are temples.

1 Corinthians 6:19 reads “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.”

With that being said, we must set the example by teaching and encouraging our children that their bodies are temples, and a way to take care of that temple is to create and maintain healthy eating habits and choices. When you set the example of a healthy kitchen, your children will develop habits that will stay with them for a lifetime. And...their children’s children will benefit from it, which in turn creates a healthier world.

(better choices are easier in a healthy kitchen)

5. Encourages You To Self Reflect

The things we own in our home say a lot about who we are and who we used to be. This includes your kitchen/pantry. Sometimes, the clutter and unhealthy foods exist because we have a lot of sentimental objects attached to our identity--and we can’t bear to part with these things. Memories from the past, including comfort foods or meals that were prepared when we were younger, are the hardest to let go.

(need help letting go?)

Your kitchen often acts as a mirror to your emotional state. Whether you are feeling heavy, emotional, energetic, or happy, your food and food choices reflect your inner self. By choosing to reset your unhealthy kitchen, you choose to start over and reflect a life of health, flavor and happiness.

Looking for more support in your journey to taking control of your kitchen and health? If so, check out my 4 Weeks To A Simple, Healthy Kitchen Course. [/et_pb_text] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]