5 Simple Ways To Stop Being An "Emotional Eating Mommy"

Are you an “EMOTIONAL EATING MOMMY”? Well guess what? You are not alone on this one Boo. 88% of busy, working moms are “Emotional Eating Mommies” and suffer from stress related health problems. Which causes them to eat or not eat due to emotions. Emotions like stress, anger, depression, anxiety, etc. and they aren’t even aware of this issue. I mean, how can you be aware when moms are like super heroes and catch everything that’s thrown at them but neglect their own emotions and feelings. Hello! Being an “Emotional Eating Mommy” is no fun, so today, I’m going to reveal 5 simple ways I’ve learned how to stop being one. Picture this, that moment when your kiddo is crying down the house and they finally fall asleep and you go in the kitchen to get that pint of Blue Bell’s Cookies & Cream Ice Cream. That was me the other day, except it wasn’t only my toddler crying down the house, it was my teenager with a wee bit too much sass in her voice after I had given her some real clear mommy instructions. Oh, and it wasn’t Ice Cream it was a can of Pringle’s Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips.

I told myself I was only going to get five of them but I ended up eating the whole can. Each chip I ate, I said to myself, “This is the last one” but I kept going, only to pay for it later. It wasn’t until after I ate those chips, did I realize I was only eating those chips because of the frustration I felt at that particular moment. By then my mouth was dry from all the salt in the chips, my belly was bloated from the milk that I didn’t even know they were made with, and my energy was depleted from all the sugar and them being highly processed. So when you are an “Emotional Eating Mommy” you eat whatever you feel your body is craving for based on the emotions you are feeling in that moment. You could be having a perfectly good day and all of a sudden something happens to throw you off and you find yourself craving food.


Let’s hop into how you can stop being an “Emotional Eating Mommy”.

#1 Stop Skipping Meals  I get it! Mama Bears are busy, but what I have realized is that you can’t be too busy to eat. Let’s just say you decided to skip breakfast cause you were such in a rush to get everyone out this morning and you just grabbed a Latte on the road. Now you know, that Latte is not going to last until lunch. Feelings and emotions will come before lunch and will send you over the top. When you finally decide to eat, your body will crave anything and you will most likely feed into those emotions with food that is not nourishing to your body.

#2 Cut Back On The Sugary Stuff  Sugar is not your friend. If sugar can pick up the phone and call you when you are down, then maybe we can talk. That piece of bread you ate, that ketchup you put on your fries, or even that salad dressing you put on your salad Guess What? They all contain sugar. Be mindful of sugar and artificial sweeteners you are feeding your body. Sugar and artificial sweeteners help us become “Emotional Eating Mommies”. How you ask? Sugar is linked to depression, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, need I say more?

#3 Be In Your Feelings  Girl, It’s ok, everyone has feelings, now take a moment to be in yours. “How do you do that”? You ask. You take the Feel, Deal, Heal path. Take a moment to understand what feeling you are having, I’m feeling emotional because…. then you take a moment to deal with your feelings (not by eating) write down your feelings, breathe something to help you cope. If you don’t deal with our feelings head on, that’s when you will start to avoid them. Now the healing process begins and you can begin to heal from your emotions.

#4 There Are Other Ways  Eating is not the only way out of your feelings. Once you have identified how you are feeling now you can find other ways to dealing with it. Are you bored? Find something that makes you happy like reading, or getting outdoors or watching a juicy show. Are you lonely? Call someone who is comforting and will talk to you, God, your husband, your friend, your mom, and your aunt. Whoever! Just get to talking. If you are exhausted, what relaxes you? Maybe a cup of herbal tea (my favorite) or a hot bath with candles. If you are mad, go to the gym or workout while the kiddos are playing. Just find another way!

#5 Experience Your Eating  Since you are a busy, working Mama Bear eating can be rushed and thrown together. Eating is supposed to be an experience and when you make it an experience you will also become a “Mindful Eater” an ancient practice that can transform your relationship with food. Take the time to properly prepare your food. Absorb all of the smells, textures, colors, and tastes. Chew your food slowly and absorb all of the flavors that are released. Come to the table with an appetite (not starving) but hungry enough to eat. Most importantly always appreciate your food. Take the time to thank God and contemplate the food that is before you, and appreciate all that it took to get it on your table. [media-downloader media_id="6003" texts="

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Now I have a question for you Mama Bear?  

Q#1 Which tips did you like the best & why?

Q#2 Are you or have you been an “Emotional Eating Mommy”?