5 Things You Should Eat To Improve Your Heart Health

From a young girl, I have always had the desire to live and be a healthy individual. Of course my wisdom is a lot different now as well a my views on how a person should keep themselves happy and healthy, but the desire is even stronger now than ever before. Now, as an adult, I do know that women account for more deaths than men in heart disease representing 8.6 million deaths per year and 3 million die from strokes each year. Women, we have got to do better with our health, we are the glue that holds EVERYTHING together. Since February is Heart Health Month, I want to give you 5 foods that are good for heart health so you can continue to LIVE & GIVE BIG to the ones you love.

  1.  Salmon- Consuming two or more servings of Salmon per week will lower your risk of coronary heart disease over a long time by 30%. Salmon, is super yummy and contain Omega-3s which our body needs to lower blood pressure and prevent irregular heart rhythms. There are several ways to prepare Salmon some examples are baking, grilling, pan searing etc. Explore ways to prepare Salmon for you and your loved one's and get to eating heart healthy.
  2. Chocolate- Ok, this is not an excuse for you to eat all the chocolate you want ladies, I already know what you are thinking. Eating moderate amounts of rich, dark chocolate has a blood thinning effect which can improve cardiovascular health. Be sure to choose dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids, milk chocolate lacks significant levels of epicatechin (a flavonol that is found in certain plants.) Use chocolate to make yummy chocolate cakes, drinks and whatever else you love chocolate.
  3. Whole Grains- People who eat whole grains tend to be leaner than people who don't as well as have lower risk for heart disease. This is probably because whole grains contains antioxidants that  are protective against coronary disease. The fiber in whole grains also has its benefits, high-fiber diets have a lower risk of heart disease. You have a 40 percent lower risk of heart disease if you consume a high-fiber diet. Some examples of whole grains are oatmeal, whole wheat flour, brown rice etc. Use some of these products to whip up a good meal.
  4. Beans- Eating beans regularly is good for your heart. Beans lower your cholesterol and contain a variety of heart-protective chemicals, including flavonoids, that inhibit the adhesion of platelets in the blood, which can help lower risk for heart attack and strokes. There are many ways to prepare beans as well as many different kinds of beans. To name a few black beans, kidney beans, and Cannelloni beans. Choose your favorite beans and make soups, salads, or even a taco. So many ways to make beans.
  5. Love- Everyone needs love in their life, in fact, we were put here to love. Lack of love is the result of drugs, promiscuous sex, troubled relationships and the list can go on and on. Love is such a natural thing for human beings, not to love has to be taught. Love can manifest in many different relationships, not just a spouse. Show love, it outweighs hate any day. ❤️