5 Ways To Stay Healthy On Spring Break

Spring Break is officially here and that means Spring is shortly after. As a mom, this means added responsibilities, more time away from work, and less me time. If you are not a mom, it's just more noise in your neighborhood and more crazy drivers to watch out for. Spring Break, don't just have to be for the kiddos, it can be for everyone. Spring is a time of renewal, it represents a time of new beginnings. So a little Spring Break, could just be the fresh start you need to revive your health & lifestyle goals. With that being said, it's hard to stay healthy while you are on Spring Break, or with any break rather. You are supposed to be renewing yourself, but you only end up damaging yourself only to end up worse than before you left or started. That's why I'm here, I put together 5 ways for you to stay a healthy So7 you, while away or not away on Spring Break. Read over them, and apply them to your Spring Break week.

  1. Prep Meals For On The Road- If you are traveling for Spring Break, either by plane or by car eating healthy on the road can be very difficult. If you are not prepared, the drive-thrus and fast food restaurants can be very tempting and expensive. Especially if you are traveling with children. Instead, prep-your meals ahead of time so when you finally get to your destination you can eat out as you please. As you are eating out, be sure you are eating in moderation. You don't want to over do it and return home, disappointed and feeling bad with yourself.
  2. Take Some Time To Yourself- I can't stress this enough! You need this time to refocus and renew. If you are breaking with the kiddos, either at home or on the road try to get at least 20 min. to yourself. Time to yourself will help refresh you and give you the energy you need for the remainder of your Spring Break.
  3. Stay Focused And Positive- All I'm going to say on this is, if it doesn't serve you in a positive way..... drop it or limit use... that is people, things, places etc. You are trying to renew yourself, not destroy yourself.
  4. Enjoy Yourself- There is nothing better than going on a break and having some fun! Do as much as you possibly can without stressing your self out. Sometimes, planning Spring Break activities can be a little stressful. Remember the key is to renew yourself.
  5. Rest Up- I know you are on a break, but in order to be renewed you certainly need some rest. Remember, you want to continue to LIVE & GIVE BIG to the ones you love, and in order to do that you need rest. If you have little ones, nap when they nap. If you have big kids or other friends or family let them know you need some rest and you are laying down for an hr. and not to disturb you. Sleep is very important to a So7 Women.

Which one of these do you think you need to do most this Spring Break?