5 Ways To Stop The Bloat

Have you ever been bloated? I mean that type of bloated where you feel your are eating some what correctly, you worked out, you're not on your cycle and you just don't know what it is. The type of bloating that makes you hate putting on your skinny jeans cause you worry your stomach is going to hang over. Yes, That type of bloating.
Girl, I totally understand! Listen, a couple weeks ago I was so there. I couldn't quite figure out why until I had an "Aha Moment". So I wanted to send you a quick note, so you can have an "Aha Moment" too and get out of this bloating rut along with me. After all, the 5 day Challenge called for us to be sexy, but how can we if we are all bloated?

Here are 5 steps I took to get rid of my bloating......
 Step #1
You are soooo, going to hate me and love me at the same time for this...So Sorry But Not Sorry. I set a Colon Hydrotherapy appointment. (You are going to hear me talk about this a lot throughout our relationship) This is an appointment to clean your colon and is a gentle and purified water washing of the large intestine to clean and remove built up fecal matter. This is different from an enema, or a laxative... It's all natural and your body won't start to depend on it. The machine does all the work for you for 1 whole hour. This is a great way to detoxify the body,eliminate waste and balance your body chemistry. Colon Hydrotherapy will get rid of processed food, sugar, salt, heavy animal products, flour chemicals and food allergies. A great way to start over with a fresh, healthy, empty gut. For more details on Colon Hydrotherapy Click Here.
Step #2
I identified a food allergy. Hear me out on this one. A lot of my clients don't know they have a food allergy or don't know what one is. A food allergy is when your body's natural defenses overreact to exposure to a particular food treating it as an invader and sending out chemicals to defend against it. These foods can be milk, fish, nuts, soy, etc. everyone is different. I always say pay close attention to your body. It has a language and will speak to you if you listen. Allergies, doesn't necessarily mean you break out in hives, you can also have an allergic reaction on the inside of your body, which can cause bloating. In my case, it's milk. I can't do milk or any diary. (And I love it) Milk is in almost just about everything. From crusts on fish and chicken to breads, and snacks. YOU MUST READ LABELS.  Now, that we have identified the problem, it's time to solve it, because you can't solve anything without identifying it.
Step #3
I found substitutes/alternatives. Which mean I had to change my eating. I know you don't want to hear this, but if you want to get rid of the bloat. YOU MUST DO THIS! Not only do it, but stay with it. For me, it's milk/dairy no can do! So, what I did was, I started preparing meals made without milk/dairy. So for example, instead of cow's milk, I use coconut milk or horchata milk, instead of cow's cheese, I made or bought cheese that was made of cashews, or vegan parmesan. (It tastes just as good) I had some veggie quesadillas the other day and had all the cheese I wanted, and it was sooooo good. Guess what, No bloat! The point is, after you have found the problem, you must deal with it head on.
Step #4
I ate regularly and decided to stop eating so late. This one is a tough one, but it had to get done. With getting your mind settled from work, kiddos running around, dinner time, bath time, reading time, and everyone wanting attention it's hard to not eat dinner so late. Trust, that you feel better in the morning and not eating so late gives your gut time to do its work.
You have to give your gut a chance to clean out bacteria and waste, it needs rest from digestion. If you are eating all times of the night, your gut will be working overtime and the job will get half done leaving you feeling bloated. Make Sense?
Step #5
I Drank plenty of water and burned some calories. Water not only hydrates your body, but it softens your bowels and flushes out toxins. In the morning when you first wake up, drink a room temp glass of water, so you can purify your colon and allow nutrients to be absorbed more easily. In addition to drinking water, burn some calories. Go for an evening jog, or take a fitness class. Listen, put those kiddos in a stroller and jog for about 15 min, or tell Hubby to come home a little earlier because you are taking a fitness class. The more you sit still, the less blood flows to the GI tract, in return causes your food and waste to move sluggishly through the intestine, and now you are bloated and can't get in those skinny jeans. Ugh!
There you have it! 5 simple steps you can take to kick bloating to the curb, so you can fit in your skinny jeans👖. It's going to take discipline, but because you are a Mama Bear🐻 and I know you got this. If not, click here and let me know how I can support you.
What step did you like most?