5 Ways To Be A Patient Women In 2016

Ladies, we are into the second week of 2016 and the year of change is on the rise. Sometimes as busy women, our patience tend to grow very thin. It's not that hard to grow impatient these days with technology at our fingertips and so many things to keep up with. You will be surprised how a few relaxation tips and woosa moments will help you gain a little bit more patience in your life. Here are 5 ways to a be a patient women in 2016:

  1. Figure Out Why You Are Hurried- Are you stretching yourself too thin? Pin point why you are in a hurry and revaluate your to-do list. You want to do this so there won't be a negative reaction to an uncontrollable situation. Try to spread out your tasks, or give them to someone else to do.
  2. Pin point what makes you become impatient- Is it kids, spouse, phrases, yourself? Figure out what that is for you and write it down. Be really specific so you can be fully aware of what they are. At the peak of these frustrations is a reality, what is that reality for you?
  3. Change Your Attitude: To change your being impatient, you have to understand it is an attitude. You choose to have an attitude of no patience. Make a conscience decision to not take it there. If you feel yourself getting impatient, tell yourself "No, I'm not allowing you to go there"!
  4. Relax- When you find yourself growing impatient, relax and take a breather. Stop immediately  and take a couple of breaths. If you are in the middle of a conversation with someone that is causing you to be impatient, let them know you need a minute and have your minute to yourself. Take a couple of deep breaths, change your mind frame and go back to revisit the situation.
  5. Things Don't Happen Overnight- Allow yourself to really know and understand that things just take time. No matter how much you may try to rush, things aren't always perfect and they will happen on it's own time. If you sit back and think, they always happen, just not when we want them to. If something doesn't happen right away for you, just know that God is working it out his way... not yours.