5 Reasons A Healthy Breakfast Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Breakfast… what do you think of when you hear that word? Is it sitting peacefully at the table with family eating pancakes, eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and orange juice? Or is it grabbing a yogurt parfait and a banana and rushing out the door?


However you dream of breakfast, the reality is...moms with careers have hectic mornings. Period. I don’t care if you have a little kids or big kids it’s still hectic. Between getting the kiddos, yourself and sometimes the hubby dressed, who has time to eat breakfast?

Before I became a Health & Wellness Coach, the A.M. was a frenzie. So much of a frenzie that my breakfast consisted of a bowl of Fruit Loops or a croissant breakfast sandwich and hash browns from the nearest drive through.⁣ The bowl of Fruit Loops was one of my favorite though. I would throw it in a big plastic cup, grab a spoon and eat it in the car on the way to the spa.

It was easier and less of a hassle to buy breakfast than to make it or grab a bowl of cereal and eat it in the car. Mom Friend...

“How You Start Your Day Will Most Likely Be How You End Your Day”

The pleasure of eating and proper digestion lies in slowing down and fully experiencing all of the elements of your food. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to start your day feeling more energized and focus on more important things like…. You.

Here are the main reasons you should be eating a healthy breakfast for a more fulfilling day.

1.) It Keeps You From Choosing Unhealthy Foods-

I don’t know about you but when I don’t eat breakfast (especially a nourishing one) I get “hangry” that’s a term for when you are past hungry. By skipping breakfast or not having a healthy one, your body will start to crave whatever is in sight. Which means there will be less room for healthier options and more room for unwanted weight gain.

2.) It Gives You Energy For The Day-

When you indulge in donuts and coffee for the morning you don’t feel as energized. I mean, think about it… how do you feel when you eat unhealthy food and try to go about your day? By eating a healthy breakfast it gives your body the energy it needs to get to the next meal and you will experience a lower level of fatigue earlier in the day.

3.) Improves Concentration And Productivity-

There is absolutely no way you can be a productive career mom if you can’t concentrate. If your mind is deprived of food, it throws you off. You must be able to concentrate and not be so spacey so you can properly, work at work and then work at home. By eating a healthy breakfast, it gives your brain a boost and helps your ability to focus, reason and process information.

4.) Helps With Memory-

Being a busy, career mom is staying on top of tasks. Yours and everyone else’s. Without your memory, swimming lessons will be missed, deadlines won’t be made and appointments will have to be rescheduled. By starting your day with a healthy breakfast your memory, can have a great impact long term memory.

5) Boosts Your Mood-

There nothing worse than a grouchy mama. I’m just sayin. Because we are leaders, we must lead by example. If we are moody all of the time, what do you think our kiddos will be? The food you eat directly impacts your mood all day long.

I hope you’re feeling motivated to make a healthier breakfast. Now go apply these tips and also share this with a busy, career mom who needs it.

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