Feeling Itchy Lately? - 5 Ways to Treat Yeast and Yeast Overgrowth With Diet

Mama Bear, Welcome to our Real Talk Moment. It’s about to get really, REAL around here.

The dreaded yeast infection, Ugggggh! I’m sure you have experienced it at some point in your life or maybe often.

For me, it began shortly after my Munchky Boo was born, (my youngest). My cycles were getting back to normal, but I noticed that I would get yeast infections a week prior to my period. Hmmmm, that was sort of throwing me off cause girl, I normally don’t get yeast infections!

I scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist. She prescribed an antibiotic. She then informed me that that I should take this antibiotic daily and then said, “your body could get immune to this so just take it until the yeast infections go away and then discontinue use”.

As a Holistic Health Coach, that just didn’t work for me. I knew the answer had to be more than just “here, take this pill”! I began to wonder: if an overgrowth of yeast was the source of my problem…where was the yeast coming from?

I’m going to expose you to the truth about yeast and yeast overgrowth and then give you 5 ways to avoid and treat it.

Put your seatbelt on Mama Bear, cause we are about to dive in this thang!

First off, Candida better known as yeast is normal in the immune system and is created naturally in the body, so don’t start thinking that you are all weird and stuff. When the sugar amount in our diets rise, so does the yeast and it begins to overgrow in our small intestines. So, just remember that your sugar and sugar cravings make yeast grow even more in your body. Makes you want to put down that donut huh?

Yeast destroys B-vitamins, when it destroys B-6 it affects serotonin and melatonin. Let’s break that down a little more!

B-Vitamins are nutrients that help you stay energized, Melatonin is a chemical in your body that regulates your sleep, and Serotonin is a chemical in your body that regulates your mood and mood changes (in which lack thereof causes depression) Soooooo, if you are feeling tired, moody/depressed, and can’t sleep Yep! You guessed it; it’s probably a yeast overgrowth.

When a doctor prescribes you an antibiotic, know that antibiotics do not cure yeast. The job of antibiotics is to kill bacteria. The thing is…they kill off the good and the bad bacteria but not the yeast!

There are tons of things that can trigger yeast including yeast toxins. Sugar, mercury, stress, cortisone creams, antibiotics, inhalers, mold, and processed foods just to name a few.

Is it time you decide to make healthier eating and lifestyle choices?

Here are some things you can do to avoid a yeast overgrowth in your body:

1) Avoid Bread

Did you know a simple thing like not eating bread could stop your yeast infections? One of bread’s main ingredients is yeast. The yeast in bread plus your natural yeast equals: TOO MUCH YEAST, plus it breaks down into sugar.

Remember this: Starve the yeast. (for ideas on ways to replace bread Click Here To Read My Blog On 5 Ways To Replace Bread.)

2) Avoid Sugar

Mama Bear SUGAR FEEDS YEAST. When you are having those sugar cravings it’s the yeast. At any one time there are four teaspoons of sugar in the bloodstream. If you drink one can of soda, you have now added 10 teaspoons of sugar! This causes an imbalance, which causes the sugar to not digest properly, which causes it to end up in the large intestines, which causes it to trigger yeast. A lot of causes!

Remember: Starve the yeast.

3. Avoid Milk & Dairy Products

What! No milk or beef? Yes! Yeast can actually be the cause of your weight gain (a whole other topic). Antibiotics are used to fatten cattle, we digest them and it stores as a yeast toxin in our fat cells. Milk and dairy products also break down as sugar.

Remember: Starve the yeast.

4. Hydration Is Key

Hydration alone is a major pacifier. Always hydrate your body; alkaline water is best. Pure water is acidic and will make the pH in the body rise. Hydrate in the morning, hydrate in the noon and hydrate in the evening and between those times too. Just hydrate girl!

5. Probiotics

Probiotics inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria they also promote good digestion, and immune functions as well as building resistance to infections. You want to look for probiotics that are refrigerated with a guaranteed amount of 2-10 billion live organisms. If it’s not refrigerated, look for a guarantee of 25 billion living organisms to expiry.


Check out this clip from the tv show The Doctors for even more info!




Got you thinking Mama Bear? There’s sooooo much more on this topic I would love to share with you!


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