Food Energetics (The Scoop On The Energy Your Food Gives You)

Mama Bear, Have you ever felt like you were finally on the right track to eating healthy, but then you were still feeling BLAH after eating your meal?

WELL HOT DANG! Girl that means I’m not the only one feeling blah walking around here. Let me let you in on a lil sumthin...and tell me if you can relate.

So, I’ve always eaten beef (or some of the other cow products) that this wonderful animal graciously gives us. I ate it as a child, I ate it as a teen, and I ate it up until the tender age of 27 when something changed for me. I found that I would always stay bloated, heavy and full whenever I ate it AND it always took sooo long for it to digest making me drag throughout my day. Hmmmmm.

It didn’t matter if I ate it with veggies, low carb bread, or just by itself, I always got that dragging feeling, and I literally had to prepare myself before I ate it. It wasn’t until years later when I went to school to become a Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach that I FULLY understood why I was feeling that way.  

Can you relate yet?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, food is looked at as medicine. It is used to nourish and synchronize the body, mind and spirit. All foods have a distinct energy and character that either helps to balance our bodies and make us healthy, or create imbalances which ultimately result in sickness.

In our modern world today, foods are described in terms of how much protein, fat, calories, vitamins, minerals, etc. they contain. The importance of the chemical composition of a food is used to determine whether it is beneficial and nutritious. However, the breakdown of food into scientific facts leaves out the person as an individual. YIKES!

Now don’t get me wrong: Knowing the caloric intake of a meal is good information to have, but don’t you think it’s rather limited when dealing with individuals who are wonderfully and uniquely made?

Traditional Chinese Medicine determines the unique energy and character of each food such as hot/cold, salty/sweet/bitter flavors, and how foods act and move throughout our bodies.

For example, if you are feeling ungrounded and spacy and want to feel more focused, you would eat root veggies because they grow in the ground and provide heartier energy. If you were dry/warm person, you would eat foods that give you a moister and cooling effect.

When you eat foods that are appropriate for your body, it will be able to function to the best of its ability because the food’s energy won’t interfere with your body chemistry.

For me, since the energy of a cow is slow and unhurried, the result was I would always feel bloated, sluggish and drained. I’m a very fast paced and quick woman, so cow products interfere with my body chemistry, leaving me feeling blah. If you’re the same, and you still want to consume animal protein, you would consume an animal that was more upbeat and fast paced--like chicken.

AHAAAAAA! There’s your AHA moment!

If you are feeling sluggish, bloated, or overheated or too cold, pay attention to the energy you are putting in your body from the foods you consume. Listen to your body as it speaks to you. We don’t have ailments without reason. Find out what your body is saying to you. Then dig a little deeper.

Lastly, eat according to who you are. No one diet works for everyone, and if you continue to eat according to someone else’s body, your body will never function to the best of its ability.

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