How To: Healthy Easter Dinner Party

Easter is Sunday and Spring is officially here! Even though Spring is supposed to be about renewing yourself, it's so hard when it comes to Easter Sunday. Easter doesn't have to mean fried foods, and too much greasy ham, it can be tasty and healthy all at the same time. This Easter, feed your family a meal that is filled with nutrient- rich ingredients like leafy greens and sprouts, fruit and vegetable juices, and meats that are free from antibiotics and hormones. I know, we are used to the baked or fried chicken that Aunt Mary brings over every year. The one that has extra grease in the pan and the chicken is drowning in it. Or the macaroni and cheese casserole that Grammy brings over, that has all the wrong kind of cheese in it, with double the cows milk that makes you all bloated. It's quite hard to turn their food away, I get it! Dinner parties are hard to host, and to make them healthy and satisfy everyone is even harder. Ladies, here is your guide to hosting a healthy, So7 Easter Dinner Party. How To # 1: Prepare meals that are quick, nutritious and colorful- If your Easter meal, is taking too long to prepare, you nor your guest will be happy. Instead of making those long meals that are full of grease and not enough nutrients. Try quick, healthy recipes. Gather a few of your favorite veggies (choose colorful ones) tip: always add onions and bell peppers, throw them in a skillet and saute them then add some sea salt and pepper on them, serve with rice or your favorite noodles or spaghetti and there you have it! A meal!

How To # 2: Choose activities that will encourage getting your heart rate up- This world has been taken over with technology. Heck, even my 8 month old knows how to work an iPad. Instead of doing activities inside that require everyone to be sitting. Choose a game, that will get everyones body moving. For Example: Don't break the egg- get a couple of uncooked eggs and give everyone spoons anyone who runs across the back yard and drops their egg is out. Just keep your family moving.

How To #3: Prepare meats that are cage-free and grass fed- Instead of preparing the meats that we grew up preparing, choose a more healthier route. Cage free chickens and grass fed cows, these are the most healthy meats you can purchase. When you go to the grocery store, make sure you are reading the labels. Make sure your labels say cage free and grass fed. You don't want to consume animals that have been caged all up and full of bad emotions, nor do you want to consume animals that have been fed something else other than what nature has provided for them. Remember, we are what we eat, so if you choose something that is full of bad emotions and fed crap, guess what you will be.


Use these How To's this Easter, and enjoy a happy, healthy, So7 Dinner Party.