My Mommy Truth Moment about Mom Guilt

This is a Mommy Truth Moment…. Soooo, Lady Bug (my teen) wanted to go with a friend to eat and hangout. Cool… so I gave her the money so she could go. I told her she had to be home by 8 pm cause it was a school night and it was in a part of town that wasn’t that close by.

My hubby was cleaning out the garage and I was cooking dinner so I could prepare Munchky Boo (My toddler) for bed. I was having one of those moments where I was just tired for the day and wanted to get to bed early. I’m sure you’ve had those days.

Well, 8:44 pm rolled around and here comes Lady Bug strolling through the door like everything was good. I asked, “What time were you supposed to be home”? (Heart pounding) Then I asked, “What time did you come in”? She said, “Yeah, I was late but only by 45 min". So I gave her a consequence. Do you think she was mad? Heck Yeah, she was mad! Let’s just say I had to go to my room and call on the good Lord, cause he was the only one that could keep me at that moment.

Little did she know there was a message behind the message……

As I was sitting in my room, M.G. starts creeping in. If you don’t know what M.G. is, it’s Mom Guilt. In other words, it’s Satan speaking to you trying to put negative thoughts and feelings in your head, because he wants to destroy “Order” what God has put in place. Better known as “Mom Guilt” though.

Yes, we all have it, and if you haven’t had it, you will at some point in your mom journey. It’s most often called “mommy guilt” because moms tend to second guess themselves about the way they raise their children, and they either give in, or start to feel insecure about their parenting decisions.

Ok, back to what I was saying… As I’m sitting there M.G. comes in and says to me, "maybe you was a little hard on her, after all it was just 45 minutes, she’s an overall good kid, maybe you were just overreacting".

Listen, we must know (myself included) that we are PERFECT for the mom job that God gave us. You are able to “Mom” your child. This is all part of the territory of being a parent.

When Satan starts to speak to you this way, you must speak back. Here’s what to say, “I am the best mom I can be, and I made the best decision for my child at the moment. Therefore, Mom Guilt, GET OUT!" And you leave it at that.

When you speak back, you start to feel more confident in your mom choices, and you do what has to be done when comes to the best interest of your child.

In the end, I was comfortable with the decision that I made. Lady Bug even came to me the following day to apologize for her actions, and with a bug hug stating how much she loved me.

I saw a quote the other day that said…. “Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother”. We Truly know what’s best for our children.

Be encouraged Today!




P.S. If something is bothering you, Give it to God and go to bed girl.


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