3 Ways To Fierce Up Your Morning Routine

Successful Women have at least 1 thing in common... & that's their mornings... A Morning Routine is great to have because it sets you up for your day.. When you set your mornings up with healthy habits.. you will begin to focus & eventually live the life you envision. Here are 3 Ways to Fierce up your morning routine:

1) Quiet Time- Give yourself between 5-20 min. Of quiet time.. if you have kiddos, you have to wake up earlier than they do to do this.. This will give you time to think & focus on what you want out of your day.

2) Eat A Good Breakfast- You must Break The Fast you have been on through the night.. drink a room temp. glass of water first...then you nourish yourself with good food that will fuel your body & brain.  (Click here for some great recipes!)

3) Exercise- Stretch... then get your body moving... if that means in your living room, outside, or in the gym.. you have to get your body moving & blood flowing.  (If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, be sure to check out my JumpFit Classes)




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