My PostPartum Braids

I always have been one to frequent the beauty salon. I believe if there is one thing a women can do for herself beauty wise is to keep her hair done. After all, a woman's hair is her glory right? During Pregnancy, it wasn’t that easy going to the beauty salon and sitting around all day cause face it ladies, you do sit there all day. I wanted to keep my hair looking nice for this pregnancy, not only for my husband but for myself, as it’s important to feel beautiful while you are growing a new life.  After all of that sitting under the dryer and getting too hot, feet swelling, and needing lots of water for hydration, I decided I was going to get braids the week of my due date so i wouldn’t have to worry about my hair after the delivery of our child. Little did I know my water was going to break the weekend before my due date week. So i had to get them done after the delivery of our baby girl. The day I got home from the hospital to be exact and boy, was I tired.


Protective Styling is a great way to protect your natural hair especially in the summer time. There are a lot of hairstyles that are protective, from weaves, wigs, braids etc. As long as you are keeping your hair and scalp washed and treated throughout your protective styling you are good. After the delivery a child, your hair will naturally shed due to hormonal changes. Be sure you are still taking your prenatal vitamins not only for your new baby, but for you as well. Check with your healthcare provider to see if it is good for you to take a hair vitamin as well.


As a new mommy, you need low maintenance hairstyles. You have absolutely no time for anything but caring for your little one, getting sleep, and focusing on your healing, changing body. Again, I am a big fan of a women and beautiful hair, so braids are a great low maintenance hairstyle, that gives you more time

with your little one and less time worrying about your hair. My husband personally likes them because he says they look good and it saves on the electricity bill because my curling irons are not plugged in (haha.)


Whether you are a new mom, or just want a new look protective styling and braids are the way to go for low maintenance hair styling. Either way, remember hair is hair and do what suits you best. As for me, these braids have saved my life while being on Maternity leave and getting to know my newest baby girl.


What forms of protective styling do you prefer?