Springing Forward Sleep Tips

Daylight savings time, you either love it or don't. For some of us, it gets us energized and for others, we have to beg for energy. Either way, we have to accept DST. I personally love DST, in the Spring because it gets darker at a later time. That's more time of enjoying outdoors, and other things we like doing by ourselves or with loved ones. The problem with these time changes for most of us is, it throws our sleep a curve ball and we have a hard time adjusting to it. So7 Ladies, can't LIVE & GIVE BIG if we are sleepy. I put together a few spring forward sleep tips just for you, so you can enjoy your new season and all the changes it has to offer.

  1. Take A Power Nap-  Power naps are well needed with DST. If you need a nap during the day, go ahead and take it. Avoid taking naps close to bed time. Your body will adjust in a few days, just give it a little time.
  2. Keep The Same Sleep Schedule- For women busy, ambitious women, keeping the same sleep schedule is hard to do. But anything is possible. Make it a priority to go to sleep around the same time. If you would like to change that time, now is the time to do so since the time has changed. Your body is a working machine, it will do what you program it to do.
  3. Get Some Exercise- Exercise does a lot more for us than just make us sweat. It releases endorphins to help us sleep. Even something as little as walking, just do something. Avoid it right before bed time though, as it can energize you rather than relax you and put you to sleep.