Time to Celebrate the Women who gave you life!

Hello all of  my So7 Women out there! This post is especially for you today because as we come upon anotmothers day picher Mother's Day we want to be eager to celebrate all of the mother's in the world that made this day possible. The truth is ladies, we... can't celebrate and encourage them without accepting and loving our selves. As I grew older in life, I always tried to look to the women who seemed so naturally confident, courageous and self assured. I craved that energy as well and saw myself struggling for that perfection. I started dressing really well, having a nice career, wearing a smile all of the time and always talking to the cutest men but that got me no where but insecure and lost. It's terribly easy to get trapped in a judgment loop where you criticize yourself for being how you are, then criticize them for "making" you this way, then criticize others who are "better" or "worse" than you are, then criticize yourself again for being critical. It's a nasty cycle, and there's only way out... The key to creating the confidence, courage, ease and joy that so many of us crave is celebrating other women. The celebration loop looks like this: When we celebrate where we came from, we are more able to celebrate who and where we are, which opens us up to celebrate others, which provides the space to be of greater service in the world. It's a beautiful cycle that creates unity among women and I believe that it's the medicine the world needs most. If you want to feel more grounded and secure within yourself... It begins with celebrating the women who gave you life. Take some time today to write a list of the traits you "inherited" from the women in your family, then choose a few to share with them, in appreciation.  Leave out any criticism, complaining or commiserating.  Just celebrate.I-Celebrate graph