What's Your Love Language?

When you are a So7 Women it's just so much to keep up with. Not only are you trying to LIVE & GIVE BIG to the one's you love, but you are also trying to figure out how to love yourself so you can love them even more. So many hats and so little time right? Believe me, I understand. With that being said, to know yourself is to know your love language. What is a love language you ask? A love language is a way that you express your love mostly non-verbal with out just coming right out and saying it. Everyone has a different love language, and the quicker you can find yours, the quicker you will understand how to love yourself as well as teach others how to love you. Here are the 5 love languages read through to see if you can find yours.

1) Words of Affirmation- In a nutshell, words of praise. I love when I am going through out my day, and I do something for example: I clean my husband's closet and he says "thank you honey for cleaning my closet, I appreciate you for that". Some people need to hear words of affirmation, to feel loved. Is this you?


2. Acts Of Service- You remember the saying "actions speaks louder than words". Some people need to see you acting as some sort of service to them to feel loved. For example: Your mate tells you he loves you all of the time, but he never helps you when you need help, like getting the groceries out of the car. This makes you think, if he loves me, why won't he help me?


3) Receiving Gifts- Some people's primary way of expressing love is through receiving gifts. For example: If your mother buys you thinking of you cards every month, that makes you feel loved. Since the beginning of time gift giving has been an expression of love.


4) Quality Time- This is a lot of women's love language. If your primary love language is quality time, giving you love and attention is the best way to love you. Some people need that quality time, while others don't. For example, you have two children, one will demand your attention while the other could care less.


5) Physical Touch- Humans have long known love through physical touch. That's why when we pick up babies, we pick them up tenderly. Long before an infant knows the meaning of the word love, he/she feels love by physical touch. If physical touch is your primary love language, nothing makes you feel more loved than someone reaching over and touching you.


Did you figure out what your primary love language is?